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Website Hosting & Management

We get it, you’re way to busy to spend the time to keep up with your website. But in today’s age, if your website isn’t staying up with the trend, you could get left behind and miss out on some serious opportunities.

Good thing for you, we offer website management as a service & you’ve landed on this page, so you must be interested in learning more.

Hosting & Management Types

Self Hosted / Self Managed

If you prefer to make the updates yourself & manage all of the backend side of things – then this type is for you. We can help you get everything set up from your domain name, proper security protocols with an SSL, custom emails, & preferred hosting platform. Once those items are complete you will be on your way!

We Mange Everything - 100% Handsoff

If you prefer us to manage your site with frequent updates, necessary backups & security management as needed – then this plan will be for you. After the initial setup completing all the necessary items such as domain, SSL, custom emails – we will add your site to our management system which will make sure all of the frequent backups & security updates are made for you passively.

Self Hosted / Self Managed Plan

  • We will assist getting your site up & running!
  • But we will leave all of the updates up to you, so you can change & design your site exactly how you prefer & as often as you’d like!
  • This plan is great for customers that have some tech experience & can handle frequent updates & website changes by themselves.
  • Our Self Hosted plans will beat your current hosting prices, guaranteed – which is why we think you should consider us as your go to hosting option!

Our In House Management Plan

  • We will manage everything for you – monthly backups, monthly updates & many more tedious things behind the scenes that you will no longer have to worry about!
  • We will have quarterly meetings, to discuss any updates or changes that you’d like to instill into your website.
  • We will help you implement a content strategy to instill to help you continually grow your audience via search engine traffic. 
  • Our prices will be competitive and we offer a price match guarantee!  

Next Steps

If you're interested in learning even more about how we can work together - book a call with our team to learn more & get started!