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Why Having A Social Media Presence For Your Business is Crucial

We believe that having a Social Media Presence for your business is crucial, especially in today’s day in
age! If you didn’t think your business shouldn’t have a social media presence before 2022, this year alone
has proven that you should!

Social Media is a way for Businesses to communicate with their customers. It’s a way to provide value &
helpful information to people within their network. Social Media gives businesses a platform to display
their knowledge & their services to essentially whoever they’d like. It allows your Business to provide
information 24 hours a day / 365 days in a year! It allows your Business to reach customers not just
locally, but anywhere in the world, with proper Location based advertising.

Social Media allows Businesses to make personal relationships with their customers by helping solve their day
to day problems. If set up correctly, social media can give customers a way to communicate with their
favorite local businesses. A relationship like that, is one all businesses should strive for. The great part
about it, all of their interactions can be public, and other new customers can see how well their customer
satisfaction is, which can be quite helpful too for future business opportunities!

Lastly, Social Media can be a great platform for Businesses to document their journeys! Document all of the
achievements they have accomplished over the years. All of the great projects & great customers they have
acquired, this can all be documented! This content alone will allow Businesses to scale systemically &
exponentially! It will allow their story to help paint the picture for future customers of what their
companies are all about.

To conclude this article, we will list some common questions & some of our top reasons why we believe having
a Social Media presence is key for all businesses:

What are the Top Reasons Businesses should have a Social Media Presence in today’s time?

  • Everyone is online nowadays, if you want to reach more customers, you have to go where the customers
    are, it’s that simple.
  • A Business’s reputation is so important, being able to create a positive image of your Business on
    Social Media, is very important.
  • Social Media can allow Businesses to scale organically & exponentially!
  • Social Media is a way to provide Value to your customers & future customers! Provide value to your
    customers & they will refer you to more business! 👍

What’re some top platforms local businesses use?

  • Facebook – as you can imagine there are millions if not billions of users using this platform, so being
    a part of such is quite important.

    • Creating a Business Facebook page can allow you to interact with your current & future customers
    • It can allow you to post recent projects completed, this will help your credibility increase &
      ultimately continue to get your business’s name out there, it can essentially be free
  • LinkedIn – is another popular platform for Business Communication
    • Great place to connect with others & find potential business partners/employees.
    • Connecting with other businesses in your community can be beneficial for both businesses.
    • LinkedIn is a growing platform & is another one that we believe all Businesses should be a part