If Your Business Is Not Claimed On Google, You’re Missing Out

Important to Make Sure Your Business Information is Accurate

Claiming your business on Google is very important. Having ownership of your Business listing allows you the ability to record accurate and helpful information to your active and new customers. Google requires a verification code sent to your business address to confirm the Business’s identity. Whenever you start a business it’s recommended that you do this as soon as you can, so that no one else requests ownership of your business, preventing any type of harmful or misinformation being displayed for your business.

Visibility Of Your Business In All of Your Servicing Areas

Google offers Business owners the ability to include all of their current Servicing Areas. If for example, your business operates in several different locations, if you don’t let Google know this, you could be missing out on those additional locations. So, once again it is very important that you get your Business Verified and Updated as soon as you can, so that you won’t be missing out on potential opportunities with new clients.

Google Business Reviews Are Important

The reputation for your business is everything! Helping customers fulfill their goals via your Services or Products is ultimately what all Businesses come down too. Solving a problem for a customer & making their lives easier is the goal. Business Reviews can help with the authority of your company. People rely heavily on previous customer reviews when evaluation companies and determining if they are going to do business with them. The sooner you can have your past clients review your business the better! Hopefully your customers are pleased with the services or products you provided, and will be willing to give your business a solid review. The more reviews you have, the better. This helps paint a clearer picture for your new potential clients. We recommend to always urge the people you’re doing business with to evaluate their experience they’ve had with you and give your company a review on Google. This alone will help your overall digital media appearance immensely and it will allow your business to improve to enhance the overall customer experience!

Let Us Help You Get Started Today, We Will Complete Your Listing For You

Like we mentioned before, getting reviews from your customers is a great way to exponentially grow your reputation online! We at ZTech set up processes on our clients’ websites to link back to their Google Business’s profile. By doing this, it allows our clients’ past customers the ability to leave an extensive message about their experience. It also allows the customer to rate their experience on a 5 star rating scale. Over time by doing this, Google will learn the quality of your business and help your reputation be displayed to new customers appropriately. Business Reviews are the livelihood of many businesses we work with, be sure to reward your past great efforts by getting a review of it! If you would like more information about this topic, and how ZTech can help you streamline this process, feel free to reach out to us at any time! We would love to help, by instilling proper links and processes to help exponentially grow your reputation online!