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Why Having A Social Media Presence For Your Business is Crucial

We believe that having a Social Media Presence for your business is crucial, especially in today’s day in
age! If you didn’t think your business shouldn’t have a social media presence before 2022, this year alone
has proven that you should!

Social Media is a way for Businesses to communicate with their customers. It’s a way to provide value &
helpful information to people within their network. Social Media gives businesses a platform to display
their knowledge & their services to essentially whoever they’d like. It allows your Business to provide
information 24 hours a day / 365 days in a year! It allows your Business to reach customers not just
locally, but anywhere in the world, with proper Location based advertising.

Social Media allows Businesses to make personal relationships with their customers by helping solve their day
to day problems. If set up correctly, social media can give customers a way to communicate with their
favorite local businesses. A relationship like that, is one all businesses should strive for. The great part
about it, all of their interactions can be public, and other new customers can see how well their customer
satisfaction is, which can be quite helpful too for future business opportunities!

Lastly, Social Media can be a great platform for Businesses to document their journeys! Document all of the
achievements they have accomplished over the years. All of the great projects & great customers they have
acquired, this can all be documented! This content alone will allow Businesses to scale systemically &
exponentially! It will allow their story to help paint the picture for future customers of what their
companies are all about.

To conclude this article, we will list some common questions & some of our top reasons why we believe having
a Social Media presence is key for all businesses:

What are the Top Reasons Businesses should have a Social Media Presence in today’s time?

  • Everyone is online nowadays, if you want to reach more customers, you have to go where the customers
    are, it’s that simple.
  • A Business’s reputation is so important, being able to create a positive image of your Business on
    Social Media, is very important.
  • Social Media can allow Businesses to scale organically & exponentially!
  • Social Media is a way to provide Value to your customers & future customers! Provide value to your
    customers & they will refer you to more business! 👍

What’re some top platforms local businesses use?

  • Facebook – as you can imagine there are millions if not billions of users using this platform, so being
    a part of such is quite important.

    • Creating a Business Facebook page can allow you to interact with your current & future customers
    • It can allow you to post recent projects completed, this will help your credibility increase &
      ultimately continue to get your business’s name out there, it can essentially be free
  • LinkedIn – is another popular platform for Business Communication
    • Great place to connect with others & find potential business partners/employees.
    • Connecting with other businesses in your community can be beneficial for both businesses.
    • LinkedIn is a growing platform & is another one that we believe all Businesses should be a part

Why A Responsive Website Is A Must

As you know in today’s time the Digital Marketing space is now more competitive than ever before. The competition for small businesses is increasing every day. Being able to rank for your local keywords is continually getting harder every month. Google is the #1 Search Engine in today’s day in age and a big ranking factor for their algorithm is Mobile Website Responsiveness. Simply put, your website must be designed for both Desktop viewers and Mobile viewers. As mobile technology continues to emerge, viewers are now more than likely visiting your website from their mobile devices. So as business owners you must take that into account when developing your business’s website.

Responsive Design First

With that being said, when designing websites for our clients we always design their sites with the mobile view first. This way we know we are off to the right start when developing. We design them to scale across all devices in an appropriate manner.

Common Questions:

What is the typical percent of traffic for Desktop vs Mobile?

  • This depends on your audience. But most of our clients get around 60% Mobile Traffic and 40% Desktop Traffic.

Will our websites also be responsive for devices larger than phones such as iPads or Tablets?

  • Absolutely, we design our sites with a mobile design at first. But the design will also be scalable all the way up to large desktop screens.

Is there any additional fee for including a Responsive Website design?

  • No, this is included with all of our website design packages.

The Importance of a Blog For Your Business Website

Briefly in this article, I will discuss why it is important that every small business has a blog they
actively publish to. A blog for a business is a way for your business to actively engage and give value to
your customers. Provide relevant experiences related to services or day to day problems you help your
customers resolve. Developing an audience, where you can provide value and answers to questions is crucial
when developing a following for your business online!

Should You Outsource Or Write Your Own Content?

Outsourcing can be a great tool for businesses, especially article writing. Because writing personalized
content for your website can take a significant amount of time. With that being said, as your team learns
and grows, you may find developing content is easier with more experience and once a systematic approach is
in place. None the less, businesses all across the world are outsourcing content for their website and
viewers. Do we recommend it when first starting? No, we do not. We believe writing your first 10-25 articles
should be completed by your team. To get a better feel for what the experience is like and to develop a
solid foundation that other freelance writers can work off of. Also, you and your team have the best picture
of how you want your business to be viewed from others, so developing the first image and first starting
point is important to consider.

How To Setup A Blog For Your Website?

There are several ways you can get a blog set up for your website. One of the most popular Blogging platforms
would have to be WordPress. We definitely recommend that platform for new beginners, it’s very easy to use
and has every plugin you can think of. WordPress is an open-source platform, so there is no additional
charge to add this platform as a feature to your site. We personally can install and get everything set up
for you at a fairly cheap price, if that is something you may be interested in, jump over to our Services page and Submit a Contact inquiry.

How Long Should My Articles Be?

With Content Writing, there are many different strategies your business can follow. Many strategies suggest,
the longer your blog postings are, the better. But as far as a specific word count, we also aim to shoot for
at least 500 words for our postings. But this is something you will be able to test as you go along.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. WordPress – more info here
    2. Drupal – more info here
    3. Joomla – more info here

Why WordPress?

      • By far one of the most popular Content Management Systems on the Internet. With that, there is more
        information available to troubleshoot and a lot more freelancers within this space as well.

Is WordPress easy to use?

    • Absolutely, WordPress requires very little technical knowledge to do the vast majority of things on
      their platform. Customizing themes & specific items is when things get more challenging, but for the
      most part, it’s fairly easy to use.

If Your Small Business Doesn’t Have A Website, You’re Missing Out

Times have changed. Especially even more with the recent Covid 19 outbreak. Businesses who have an online
presence will become more resilient than their competitors who do not. Having your Business available
online, allows for your Business to now be open with information 24/7, 365 days per year! Having your
Business online allows for you to reach customers; you didn’t know you could even reach.

Your Business Can Now Be Open 24/7, 365 days per year!

Being able to have your Business open all the time is game changing. Having a website online will allow you
to do this. Having a website will allow for you to stay in contact with your customers, even if your
physical locations are closed. Communication between Businesses and their Customers are very important. Your
customers are already online, as a Business you can continue that relationship, if you’re a part of the
Online environment as well.

Reach Customers

The beautiful part about the internet is that you can reach customers around the world in the matter of
minutes. Being able to service customers outside your local communities is game changing. It’s further
diversifying your business, and it allows business owners to scale their businesses on a global level.
Staying in contact with your customers is a very important thing to consider as well. Having a website
online is a way for you to do just that!

Diversify Your Business’s Revenue

When it comes to Diversifying your Business’s Revenue, this year alone provides reasoning for doing it. A
pandemic like the one we’re currently living in, can be crippling & has been crippling to thousands of
businesses across our nation and across the world for that matter. Not all business modules have the ability
to scale their business’s revenue online, but the ones that can definitely should be! If they aren’t,
Businesses are simply leaving money on the table & they are taking on more risk than their business needs to

Need Help, Getting Started?

We at ZTech specialize in helping small businesses get started online. We help businesses create their
presence online by developing Custom Built Websites, that are easy to use & easy to manage! We help
businesses further diversify their business’s revenue streams with the compliments of further customer
outreach, ecommerce installations/implementations & extended hours of operations to collect more leads for
their business! If any of those items sound interesting to you & you think could help benefit your business,
please don’t hesitate to contact us! We love helping businesses become more well rounded & more resilient in
our today’s technology driven environments.

If Your Business Is Not Claimed On Google, You’re Missing Out

Important to Make Sure Your Business Information is Accurate

Claiming your business on Google is very important. Having ownership of your Business listing allows you the
ability to record accurate and helpful information to your active and new customers. Google requires a
verification code sent to your business address to confirm the Business’s identity. Whenever you start a
business it’s recommended that you do this as soon as you can, so that no one else requests ownership of
your business, preventing any type of harmful or misinformation being displayed for your business.

Visibility Of Your Business In All of Your Servicing Areas

Google offers Business owners the ability to include all of their current Servicing Areas. If for example,
your business operates in several different locations, if you don’t let Google know this, you could be
missing out on those additional locations. So, once again it is very important that you get your Business
Verified and Updated as soon as you can, so that you won’t be missing out on potential opportunities with
new clients.

Google Business Reviews Are Important

The reputation for your business is everything! Helping customers fulfill their goals via your Services or
Products is ultimately what all Businesses come down too. Solving a problem for a customer & making their
lives easier is the goal. Business Reviews can help with the authority of your company. People rely heavily
on previous customer reviews when evaluation companies and determining if they are going to do business with
them. The sooner you can have your past clients review your business the better! Hopefully your customers
are pleased with the services or products you provided, and will be willing to give your business a solid
review. The more reviews you have, the better. This helps paint a clearer picture for your new potential
clients. We recommend to always urge the people you’re doing business with to evaluate their experience
they’ve had with you and give your company a review on Google. This alone will help your overall digital
media appearance immensely and it will allow your business to improve to enhance the overall customer

Let Us Help You Get Started Today, We Will Complete Your Listing For You

Like we mentioned before, getting reviews from your customers is a great way to exponentially grow your
reputation online! We at ZTech set up processes on our clients’ websites to link back to their Google
Business’s profile. By doing this, it allows our clients’ past customers the ability to leave an extensive
message about their experience. It also allows the customer to rate their experience on a 5 star rating
scale. Over time by doing this, Google will learn the quality of your business and help your reputation be
displayed to new customers appropriately. Business Reviews are the livelihood of many businesses we work
with, be sure to reward your past great efforts by getting a review of it! If you would like more
information about this topic, and how ZTech can help you streamline this process, feel free to reach out to
us at any time! We would love to help, by instilling proper links and processes to help exponentially grow
your reputation online!