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Why A Responsive Website Is A Must

As you know in today’s time the Digital Marketing space is now more competitive than ever before. The competition for small businesses is increasing every day. Being able to rank for your local keywords is continually getting harder every month. Google is the #1 Search Engine in today’s day in age and a big ranking factor for their algorithm is Mobile Website Responsiveness. Simply put, your website must be designed for both Desktop viewers and Mobile viewers. As mobile technology continues to emerge, viewers are now more than likely visiting your website from their mobile devices. So as business owners you must take that into account when developing your business’s website.

Responsive Design First

With that being said, when designing websites for our clients we always design their sites with the mobile view first. This way we know we are off to the right start when developing. We design them to scale across all devices in an appropriate manner.

Common Questions:

What is the typical percent of traffic for Desktop vs Mobile?

  • This depends on your audience. But most of our clients get around 60% Mobile Traffic and 40% Desktop Traffic.

Will our websites also be responsive for devices larger than phones such as iPads or Tablets?

  • Absolutely, we design our sites with a mobile design at first. But the design will also be scalable all the way up to large desktop screens.

Is there any additional fee for including a Responsive Website design?

  • No, this is included with all of our website design packages.

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